>As you can see, I’m doing a lousy job of keeping up with posting every day with NaBloPoMo. Can I get kicked out for not making having a post every single day, even if I do “makeup” posts? This is why I hesitated to sign up to begin with. It just seems like there’s not a lot of time for me to block out for myself or for writing.

I guess this is the point of purposefully writing, eh?

The reason I wasn’t able to post on Friday is, we went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. We never get to do things like this. To say it was a splurge is an understatement, but I just have to say, if TSO comes to your city, please try to splurge and enjoy an evening of their music. In my city, the cheapest tickets were $20 each, so I hope that anyone out there who might think this is undoable can make it happen.

Yes, they are that good.

If you aren’t familiar with their music, I would describe it as a mix between classical music and heavy metal/harder classic rock. More on the metal side. The show is a great mix of superior musical talent and eye opening special effects, from lasers to fireworks to fire. To mention nothing of the lighting. Wow.

Even though they don’t tout themselves as a Christian band, and I don’t think they necessarily are, I think there is something sacred about singing about Christmas and the night Christ was born, even if it’s done with loud, metal music and synthesizers. I will admit that I cried when they performed “O Holy Night,” my most favorite Christmas song. It always moves me and hearing it performed live is so powerful.

The performers are lively and always active… at the end of the evening, all were just drenched with sweat and no wonder… they were always running across the stage or into the crowd or being hoisted into the air on a stage on pullies.

Our evening out was a rare treat… and considering that I have been waiting for 5 years to see TSO, as they first came to my city back then, it was well worth the wait. At the same time, what took us so long?