>I was watching “Oprah” yesterday because the topic was how to save money and she had somme guests with some VERY good ideas.

The ones that really stuck out to me were the Mom who cut her grocery bill in half by using store promotions and coupons. She has a wicked cool site that helps others do it for FREE. I’m expecially jazzed by that because I had seen a similar site, but it required a members fee.

Please check out this site to begin saving $$$ on your grocery bill:


She has a free e-book that explains the system and all her tools are free. I cannot wait to get a couple of Sunday newspapers and begin this.

The Heinz family from Florida really impressed me. They have all kinds of ideas for saving money and putting back money for savings. Their income is $58,000 a year and they have $70,000 in savings. The Mom really emphasized using local resources, such as public libraries for renting movies, going to second-run movie theaters (I miss those so much! I really wish we had one here.)

One thing she suggested was, if you are going to eat out, go to restaurants that offer discounts, especially “Kids Eat Free” promotions.

Today, I’m making a chart for us to keep on the fridge for quick reference for the restaurants in our area. I found some links to help others find these:






I think I’m going to start checking at places we eat at frequently to see if they offer similar promos.

The Heinz family talked about their feeling of accomplishment when they save money. And you know? I really want that for us, too. I talked to Paul about sitting down with some of the ideas offered on the show and want to re-evaluate how we spend. I don’t think we go overboard, but I think there are definitely ways we could cut back if we took a good look at things.

If only the Heinz family could come to my house and help us! lol.

For more info on yesterday’s show, go to: http://www.oprah.com/index