>I’ve been trying to do a little housekeeping. Mostly in “real life” but a little online. I’ve updated my MySpace page with a new fall theme and (finally) our beach photos from July (explained in a bulletin I posted… or at least, I think I posted it).

I’ve been doing “spring cleaning” around the house, even if it’s fall. Either way, you get the point. Lots of going through things. Lots of time is required to do that, so I’m not doing much browsing lately. Then there’s my job, which I work most evenings and nearly every weekend. It’s been nice to have a little extra cash…. on the 13 Months blog (by way of “Not in Kansas” on my blogs links), he’s talking about how Christmas is only 3 months away. Though I’ve started by way of buying a gift for my brother, I’ve not gotten serious about shopping yet. I’m not planning on going overboard, but with one child’s birthday in December, I do the “little at a time” thing and it’s worked well so far.

I still have about 1000 new messages from when our internet service was down, so I’ve not really gotten to those yet. And, I know I have a couple of comments to read, but I think I was so passionate/emotional about the “political” post on September 11th (I think that was the date), I’ve been too chicken to read them or respond. I’ll just say that I hope I didn’t offend anyone or make anyone mad, I was just being honest. The notation at the end of the post was intended entirely for someone who might happen upon this little blog… not for regular readers, because I think anyone who regularly reads this blog would know those things already.

Ok, well, the wee one is crying, needing to be put to bed and a couple of loads of laundry await me.

In the meantime, if anyone out there can help me how to figure out how to use the free Blogspot templates from Pyzam, please let me know. Every time I try to copy and paste the code into my HTML editor, I get an error message and the blog looks entirely funky. Thanks!