>Many bloggers are writing about the upcoming election. I have tried to keep my views to myself, but one of the bloggers I admire most has voiced her views. I don’t want to argue with her or anyone else; rather, I want to just voice my opinion and be done with it.

After all, this isn’t a political blog and it’s not one that’s read by that many people. But, if anyone just happened to be wondering which way I’m leaning, here it is.

I have some thoughts, but am trying to stay very quiet about them. Most of my blogger friends are pro-Obama and/or anti-McCain.

I am not about beating people over the head with a Bible, nor am I about state-sponsored religion (aka, a theocracy). I’m open-minded and am very pro-women and am all about women’s rights. As a commenter on another blog said, I’m not “anti-intellectual”, and I am not uneducated.

That said, I do have some concerns about Obama. Though I know very well that the abortion issue isn’t the ONLY issue*, all the discussions about life, when it begins, quality of life (see where I’m going here?) concern me. A lot of it is because one of my children is a medically needy child, considered a “special needs” child and my concern is basically, if our President doesn’t value life, if he or she has no convictions about exactly when a bunch of cells is considered to be human or have human form, how can I trust him or her to protect the life of my child and many children like her, who have challenges but have lives many consider to be “low quality”?

Howard Stern has said that Sarah Palin should have aborted her baby son when she learned that he has Down Syndrome, and I wonder, how dangerous would it be if our nation’s leaders felt the same way? What would happen if the President and Congress began mandating that if a child wasn’t healthy enough to maintain a certain quality of life, that pregnancy should be forcibly terminated? I know, it sounds impossible and you might be thinking I’m an idiot really reaching here. I’m sure a lot of people are shouting at their computer screens, screaming, “PULEEEEZE?! How STUPID can you be?!”

Let me pause here and say that I do not believe a woman should be forced to do anything against her will, be it genital mutilation to carrying a baby she doesn’t want… and the other side of that coin is, a woman shouldn’t be forced, coerced or otherwise be told that she must terminate a pregnancy because the child she is carrying doesn’t fit our “perfect” view of what people should be.

The thing is, the “sword” of choice cuts both ways. A lot of people focus on a woman’s right to choose to not have a child. I think a lot of people forget about a woman’s right to choose to have her child.

And I will always believe that life is sacred.

I understand that children are sometimes conceived under horrendous conditions (rape, incest, etc.). I also understand that there are thousands of couples desperate for a child via adoption. I understand that there are many children in “the system” waiting for good homes… our social issues just relating to children alone are too numerous to list. It’s an enormous job and it’s overwhelming.

In the not-so-distant past, there was a very popular, well-versed leader who had tremendous respect among those who voted for him. He was a polished speaker, charismatic, and was perceived to be the leader who would change his country and turn it around to prosper again. In just a few short years, this leader backed state-funded experiments on people with disabilities, physical deformities or those who happened to be different in even mundane ways, such as being a twin. Tortuous, cruel and inhumane tests were performed on people, forced upon them, because a certain leader thought it should be done. He didn’t value human life, so much so that he nearly wiped out an entire race. That leader’s name was Adolf Hitler.

Ok, so please stop shouting at the computer screen for a second. I’m not saying Obama is really like Hitler… but what I am saying is, once we start making the issues about life and the sanctity of life shades of grey rather than black and white, I’m concerned that we’ll start on a path that is a slippery slope.

As the mother of a person who would have definitely been included in the Third Reich’s torturous experiments, my blood runs cold when life is diminished, especially when others deem any life less than deserving of a chance.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is really not a place for political debate. I am respectfully asking anyone reading this to not start debates or call me an ignorant inbreed or something equally unoriginal and unfunny. I’m just saying that we need to consider a LOT of things before we go messing around with human life.

*Yes, believe it or not, a charismatic Christian who believes in the trinity, who believes in the gifts and fruits of the Spirit, who lives in West Virginia, is educated, is concerned about the economy, is concerned about the environment, is pro-life (ALL Life), is socially aware and cognizant that the results of the next election will have far-reaching consequences. I do not believe coal is the only answer, but that it might be a transitional answer until we find cleaner energy sources. I’m all about recycling, using environmentally-friendly cleaning products and want to learn more about how to leave our Earth in better shape. It’s all about being a “good steward” (yes, you can read more about that in the Bible). The economy sucks and I hate that we are losing so many soldiers in war. So, before anyone out there might get any ideas that they “know my type,” please, think again. 🙂