>I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything about the party yet. The past week has been extremely busy, with adjusting to Hannah going to Pre-K, work and party planning. Also, I’m hoping to get some photos from my SIL, the resident family photographer. 🙂

The studio I get the girls’ photos taken at will be closed part of this month for renovations, so Abbie’s “official” first birthday photos won’t be taken until the end of September. But the party pics should be available sooner, and I’ll share them as soon as I can.

In short, the party was fun and all I had hoped. Rain did threaten, but held off. Lots of people and just enjoying the day. Ever since, I’ve been doing laundry, washing all the new clothes she got.

I hope everyone out there is doing well.

Please say some extra prayers for Mo (and Ang, please let me know how she’s doing, if you have an extra few minutes).