>Sam’s Club, How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.

* * * * * * * * * *

I’ve always enjoyed being able to get a good deal. Buying in bulk at stores like Sam’s Wholesale Club or Costco can provide that deal. We do not have Costcos in my area, but we do have Sam’s.

I love Sam’s.

I’ve always tried to get things we use often there. During the holidays, it’s the only place to get a gorgeous and very large pot of poinsettias for a very good deal (usually $15-$20). Have babies and need large quantities of diapers? Sam’s has your back.

But, oh, how Click ‘N’ Pull further cemented my love of Sam’s.

I discovered the Click ‘N’ Pull feature when we were cooped up inside this past Winter, just before Abbie’s tongue surgery. She could not get sick; otherwise, the surgery would be cancelled and re-scheduled. As a result, we basically became hermits. Only Paul ventured outside and that was to go to work. When either of us ever went out, upon returning home, we would go directly to our bedroom and change clothes and then scrub our hands and arms with antibacterial soap. It might sound extreme, but put yourself in our shoes. If your child need a life-altering surgery and couldn’t be ill for about 6 weeks prior to surgery, you’d do the same thing in a heartbeat.

Sam’s Click ‘N’ Pull option was perfect for us. I could shop online and they would pull our items. Things that needed to be refrigerated or frozen were organized together, with our name on them, and put where they needed to be, then retrieved when Paul would stop by after work to pick up our items.

The best part of this very convenient service is that it’s free. No extra charge! I mean, how perfect is that?

I really wish I could do give-aways on my blog and maybe some day I will. If so, one of the first items to win would be a Sam’s Gift Card. Because I truly believe that someone out there might be able to benefit from this service as much as we did.

If you ever buy in bulk, send a little love Sam’s way, would ya?