>Forgive my previous post in which I wax poetic about my love for Sam’s Club. Just a few nights ago, I created an online shopping list for “Click ‘N’ Pull” for Abbie’s party. While her birthday is this Sunday, we are waiting until next Saturday to celebrate. Turns out late August is a busy time on our street, with 4 birthdays occuring in about a week or so.

So I’m blessed to be planning Abigail’s first birthday party. About nine or ten months ago, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be able to do this. I had faith and I hoped and prayed, but I can’t see into the future, so nothing was certain. Nothing is ever certain, and that is one of many lessons I’ve definitely learned this past year.

As I’ve written here before, I’ve also been doing a lot of reflecting. I found a couple of websites that give a pretty good description of Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome (click here) and an excellent description of genomic imprinting (basically, the why/how Abbie “got” BWS)… (click here and read specifially the regulation part, which is what is “messed up” with BWS). For the past year, I’ve been trying to find a way to explain to people what genomic imprinting is and how if in those early, early days of development, if one “little” thing goes wrong, there is a domino effect and I think this definition helps me out with that.

I cannot wait to share photos from Abbie’s actual big day and the party next weekend. Planned for the 6th is a cookout with hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and cake at one of our local parks.

I’m praying for beautiful weather, fitting for the celebration it will be.