>The Garage Project is on hold for now. My husband wanted to go ahead and install our new bath tub this past weekend, and I really didn’t want two projects going on at the same time. Too much muss and fuss (ok, too much mess), so I’ve suspended the Garage Project until late July.

It kind of sucks because I had a lot of momentum and I’m wondering if I’ll get that back up when I resume to clean out. And, if the garage has to wait, so does the rest of the house because I can’t clean out outgrown clothes of Hannah and store them for Abbie without an organized, cleaned out garage. Yes, there are other things I need to do, but did I mention our babysitter is on vacation for the next couple of weeks, then has a family reunion and thereby won’t be available again until about August 1st?

Anyway, I’m feeling really deflated. And defeated.