>I am nursing the worst sunburn I’ve had in 7 years and one of the three worst in my lifetime.

It’s all my fault, and that’s the thing that makes me really angry with myself right now. When I got everything together for us to go to the pool the first time this season (I prefer going when it’s crazy hot, otherwise, the kiddie pool at home works just fine), I made sure to pack sunscreen and even a white t-shirt for me to wear to prevent betting burned.

But it was crazy hot and my oldest daughter just could not wait to get into the water. I panicked and thought/said something along the lines of, “Good grief, ok, we’ll all get in” without having first slathered sunscreen on myself. Yes, the kids were covered. How is it that moms always do that? Kids first. If I was ever in a plane with my kids and we were going down, I’d probably go ahead and put their masks on first, despite being told otherwise.

Anyway, suffice it to say that I got burned. Really bad. It hurts in the worst way. I’ve considered going to the doctor about a hundred times since Friday evening. I have blisters. It hurts to raise my arms higher than shoulder level (above my head).

All I keep thinking about is Heather over at Dooce.com and how she’s had 2 skin cancer lesions. She’s in her 30’s and has dealt with it twice. So now I’m just praying that my stupidity doesn’t come back to haunt me.