Ree over at Pioneer Woman (check her out in my Blogs links), is giving away 3 Zune packages. Part of the contest is this:

What song takes you back in time?” What music, when you hear it, zings you back to high school, or your childhood, or a relationship, or a vacation?

I’ve been looking for a reason to talk about a song that my kids want sung to them at bedtime.

Not your typical lullaby, “Roses are Red” by Bobby Vinton is a nighttime staple in our home. It started 4 years ago when a very fussy Hannah Bear wouldn’t go to sleep. I was -exhausted- as most new mothers are, and nothing I did comforted her enough to lull her to sleep. I nursed her, I sang, and nothing.

So, I began singing every song I knew. Every song I’d ever heard on the radio. And, this one worked. So much so, that even now, it’s her song of choice at bedtime.

Do/Did you sing an alternative lullaby to your baby/babies?