>The bit below about West Virginia was copied from an email I’d received several times.

I was just so tired of all the banter about how the ignorant, uneducated, blue-collar workers who are poor here in West Virginia* wouldn’t vote for a black man for president.

Or, the news story that was probably only reported within the state, of how a Clinton volunteer caller, thinking that she had disconnected, left a message on someone’s voice mail, saying to what one could assume was another volunteer, that the person she had just called didn’t pick up, “probably because they thought I was a bill collector. People in West Virginia are poor. Very, very poor.”

And I’m not even going to get started on that one.

Or, the blogger from New England who lamented the question, “Why is Hillary being articulate in places like West Virginia?” What? Is she supposed to walk on stage and say “Hey, Y’all? How ya doin’?” She is running for President of the United States, for cripes sake. Isn’t she supposed to be articulate? What? Do you think we can only understand someone who talks with a southern drawl?

What “news” agencies like CNN, Fox, etc., don’t know is that there are other reasons why people here may or may not support a candidate, but it’s so much more sensational to portray the people here as backwards hillbillies, they don’t even research the Real Reasons.

Unfornately, Yellow Journalism is still a very current problem. Yet, the American public doesn’t seem to notice. Scary.

*Their words, not mine.