>Ok, because you’re my friends and I love you and I want all my friends to have things I love, like a Kitchen Aid mixer, I’m telling you about this. But you MUST ACT TODAY!

Through Crystal’s site (in my blogs links to the right), I found Ree’s website, The Pioneer Woman. And Ree rocks. Just last week, she gave away a kick-butt digital camera and scanner. I found her site too late for that, but this week, she’s giving away a Kitchen Aid mixer.

Please go to this site and make a comment. That’s all you have to do to be entered for the give-away.

Her site is so cool, even without the give-aways. She lists recipes and posts phenomenal photos of the ranch she shares with her husband. Theirs is a beautiful love story, but you’ll need the better part of an afternoon to read it all in one sitting. (do that, though. It’s worth it! So sweet.)

So, go there. Introduce yourselves. Have fun!