>I keep telling myself that all things considered, the garage sell went ok. It rained on and off all morning. It was a grey, overcast day. I ended up not putting out old toys because last weekend, toys weren’t selling at any of the garage/yard sells I visited. I only sold baby clothes sizes Newborn to 12 months and can’t believe how many people asked if I had 4T and 5T! Or boys’ clothes.

So, all things considered, making $250 is pretty good. I was on the low end for money making among my neighbors. One sold toys and a portable DVD player. Another sold nursing scrubs. Those items are very good sellers.

I’m a bit disappointed because, after the purchase of an above-mentioned DVD player, I have about $200 of “play money.” Honestly, I had kind of hoped to have a little extra to buy Mommy a little something or two when we go shopping at the outlet mall, but it will all be for the girls.

That’s fine, because my plan is always to spend the money on the girls. And, if I don’t buy myself larger clothes, I might be motivated to lose weight because I have nothing to wear!

Note: I do still have some shoes and will have plenty of summer clothes in size 18 months, for anyone who might need them. 😉