>On the Birth to Three front

Right now, this is mainly a grass roots effort. Mostly, it’s parents and providers trying to contact government agencies to be a “squeaky wheel” and let them know that this program is a NECESSITY to kids in WV.

The regular Legislative Session runs from January to March. They are considering taking this issue up during a special session in June. Hence, there are no bill numbers to look up/find, and no more info out there. Until then, we have to work to make sure that they know enough about the program to make the best choices for our kids and NOT make it a state program, as it was before, where it failed kids miserably. More emails & letters to write and phone calls to make. Tomorrow, I’m being interviewed for a newspaper story. I hope I won’t sound stupid!

On the Purge and upcoming Yard Sale

I’m waaaaay behind. I’m going to have to hire a babysitter or two to get help through the week so I can really get serious. I only have 2 weeks left (EEEK!) and MUCH left to do! Yikes!

On Life in General

This week, we have a new phyiscal therapist coming in (new session/service), a regularly scheduled occupatational therapy session and a new speech therapist (new session… these services are just being added). So, a VERY long week is ahead! And it’s 1 am. Ha!