>…other than the kids, is a pretty significant project that affects one of my kids.

I just learned this week that the WV Birth To Three program, which provides therapy services for Abbie (occupational, developmental, speech & physical) is facing a $3 Million shortfall for FY ’08-’09. That’s not chump change. It’s a big deal, especially for families whose services could be affected; however, so far, one of the TV stations covering this story says “services may be cut, families may be wait-listed” and other such explanations with no more feeling in their voice or care on their face than a dead lizard.

The NICU’s in Charleston, Huntington and Morgantown are always at capacity. There is even a waiting list for the NICU’s. Can you believe that?!?? A waiting list for the NICU’s. Good grief!

Where do people think kids who go home after being in the NICU go? I mean, the majority of these kids need follow-up care because being either a premie or sick enough to warrant being in the NICU usually means there’s a big enough problem that requires intense follow-up care. For some kids, it’s a few months or a few years; for others, that kind of care is a life-long process.

Please go to the link below and watch the video. Please leave comments on the news channel’s web page. If you’re really feeling like crusading, I encourage you to contact our state Senators and House of Delegates members, as well as the Governor’s office.