>You know, last week came and went, and on Friday, I think, I finally realized that I didn’t do anything for “Green Tuesday.” ha!

Well, I only have time for a quick blurb this week because I’m working on some things I’ll discuss in a sec. For now…

Green Tuesday

Energy Saving light bulbs. I don’t like ’em. I know they are energy efficient. And I know they’re supposed to save me money with the electricity bill. But the fact is, I really don’t like them. They are dimmer than regular light bulbs. And way more expensive. And they’re dim, did I mention that? The light is like a greenish-yellow… NOT very appealing and it’s awful when you’re trying to decide what new color to paint your walls.

I’m hoping that new energy efficient light bulbs come out and are better than the ones currently in use. I’m not sure if we’ll keep using them or will go back to incandecent bulbs. That’s a big question that I think will be answered once we see how long these last (because they’re supposed to last longer). But given that one of the lights I’ve used already isn’t working, it’s not looking good for the new “hip” bulbs just yet.