>I’ve been checking my email often, hoping to hear from a couple of people, including the wee one’s new speech therapist.

Anyhow, I thought these 2 things were interesting. I found them on Dr. Rev Mom’s blog (in the links, to the right).

A milllion $ Question

What are five things you would want to do with a million dollar deposit in your bank account?

This is something I’ve thought about on the occasions during which I’ve purchased a Power Ball ticket. My million dollar wish list is:

1. Tithe. Yes, Seriously.

2. Pay off all our debt, which these days is probably less than some, but more than others’. I still have student loans to pay off, as well as the mortgages (on both houses. Please, Lord, let someone buy that house!).

3. Demolish the house in which we now live and build the house we’d really love. We have the best neighbors in the world, and I can’t imagine our girls growing up without being here.

4. Purchase health insurance (this would only be done if more than a million was won, because we would, of course, be quitting our jobs. Oh wait, I already did that to take care of the wee one! Ok, so Hubby could quit his job.)

5. Give money to family. To be fair, it would probably be the same amount for parents/grandparents, then another tier for siblings, and so on.


Well, the quiz isn’t working correctly… brb, hopefully with my test results.