>Apparently so, even though my brain keeps telling me it’s Monday, Not Green Tuesday. Ha! I’m wrong. The calendar clearly states that today is Tuesday, March 25th.

Since I last checked in, my life went something like this: I had the stomach flu, then Paul, then me again, a little bit, then we went to Cincinnati for a check up (drove 200 miles just to pay a $15 co-pay!), went to a birthday party, enjoyed Easter, went to visit my grandmother, who had knee replacement surgery (yesterday), worked with Abbie’s occupational therapist (today). Whew! I’m worn out!

Anyway, my green idea for today is reusable shopping bags. You can find some here, or now, Target is starting to sell them.


Also, today I accomplished finding out what I would need to do to get my teaching certificate. I can enter a Post-Bach(elorette) program and take 8 courses, 3 hours each, and get my teaching certificate. I can also get my MAT (basically, my Master’s) by taking 39 hours. I can enter the Post-Bach program, get my certificate, then complete my Master’s, which to me sounds like the best option. I have 7 years to complete my Master’s if I so choose.

I had hoped to get my Master’s from WVU, but I don’t know that they do education masters courses here where I live. I will be looking into this.

Ok, I’m now going back to my life, which still includes cleaning out closets and various storage space, at a very slow pace, and pricing all my garage sale items. I really hope this pays off! I’m planning on using my profits to get the girls’ summer clothes. Wish me luck! The sale is scheduled for May 3rd.