>It’s nearly 3 am and I just watched “I am Sam” on TV. Insomnia sucks, especially when I have to be up in a few hours with the girls.

Anyway, I wanted to share a bit about the “green” products I use, some of which were named in the article in Tuesday’s post.

The first such product I ever tried was Method Tub & Tile cleaner. I started using this last year, immediately after seeing the O show. A couple reasons I chose this were, 1. I hate a dirty bathroom and 2. I preferred using a safe bathroom cleaner while being pregnant. What I loved most, other than the fact that it worked and cleaned my bathroom was that it wasn’t aerosol and didn’t have a chemical smell. While I’m not exactly crazy about the eucalyptis & mint smell, it’s far better than the chemical odor other cleaners have. Besides, Method has other scents in almost all their cleaning products, so when I’m finished with this bottle, I’ll try another until I find the “smell” that fits me most.

Next, I tried Method Wood for Good and the microfiber cloth. I LOVE the almond scent… light and not overpowering, but clean smelling.

Also, during this time, we started using the Method Bloq, a square-shaped body soap. WOW. I love it. It had oatmeal in it and felt wonderful on my quickly expanding belly. It cleansed and scratched at the same time. 🙂 We love and will likely buy it in the future.

The last time I was at the grocery store (Wal-Mart), I found phosphate-free Palmolive. I never only bought Cascade… I would play around with brands, though I always felt that Cascade Complete was the best. But, I’ve changed my mind. I think I’ll always use this or another eco-friendly product. I just wish they would come out with an earth-friendly version of Jet Dry!

Also at Wal-Mart, I found a laundry detergent, Simplicity. Perfume and phosphate free, it seems to be doing an ok job. I’m going to try to find a detergent I really love, though. And I’m looking for liquid fabric softener, too. And, a good toilet bowl cleaner as well.

For more info on the products listed above, go to:

http://www.methodhome.com/ and http://www.simplicityclean.com

Other products I’d LOVE to try are:



If you have found other products you love, please share them in the comments section!