>It is currently 2:22 a.m. and the reason I am still awake is because I drank 2 cups of coffee, in the hopes that I would get some things accomplished around the house.

However, what I need to do is put clothes away and I need to do that in my room, which is currently being occupied by my sleeping husband. My REMing hubby, who is getting much deserved sleep while I have done all I can do and now must wait until he leaves for work and after Abbie’s OT visit in the morning before I can continue working.

Working on what? I’ve decided that the inevitable has arrived, and my closets must finally be purged. Had I known that the back of my closet was actually limitless and that there’s a hole back there through which tons and tons of crap keeps being loaded and pushed to the front, I would have never begun this endeavor.

But, started it I have, and with these types of projects, the only thing one can do is push on until the project is complete. I keep hoping that in the end, on the other side of this, struggling through years’ worth of clothes and stuff will ultimately be worth the stress I’m living now. Because now? Now, my house has literally been clothes bombed. Clothes we can wear go here. Clothes we can no longer wear or want go there. They must be hung this way and the little yellow price sticker must be placed in the same place for continutiy’s sake so that what I pray will be lots of people looking for a bargain will find it and say, “Hey!! I ladies’ suit for just 3 bucks! Even if I don’t need it, I have to have it, ’cause it’s three bucks.”

I’m so depserate to get rid of this stuff, I think there is a very distinct possibility that I will just put a sign up that says, “I give up. Everything is free. Please help yourself and unload this crap off of me.”