>I have two posts and rather than do them seperately, I’m combining them. I hope no one minds.


Rough Day

On Saturday, I began the Great Switch Out, pulling too-small clothes out of Abbie’s drawers and dragging long-forgotten outfits in bigger sizes hiding away in Rubbermaid bins out of the garage. It was sweet to go down memory lane and rediscover outfits Hannah wore when she was small. I associate so much sentimental value to so many outfits, it’s going to be a difficult task to get rid of them via Yard Sale! But, we need the room and the money, if we can make any. I’m sure I’ll save some because I just won’t be able to part with them.

Going through the clothes, I had the thought that Abbie should have been able to wear more of these. But, because of one side being bigger, she simply cannot wear some of the clothes. (Not all tops and pants are stretchy to allow for the bulkiness of her right side.) In fact, as she grows, I will likely have to shop at Gap and Gymboree because their cotton pants and tops are stretchier than any other brand (even her Birth to Three therapists have confirmed this). I’ve never been into brands and while by some standards, their clothes aren’t expensive, to our family, while currently surviving on one income, it is expensive. Thank goodness that there are upcoming consignment sales at churches and yard sales in “white collar” neighborhoods nearby! With those and the outlet mall trip in May, she should be set.

But still, I hate that those brands are my options because of the hemihypertrophy. My heart was heavy. I know I can’t dwell in “what should have been,” but sometimes, it creeps up and I think about how I wanted it to be, how I hoped it would be, how every expectant mother prays it will be.


Turning Point

During my therapy session last night, I so happy to report that I have recently begun to feel better. That’s big news! For the past.. oh… 4 or 5 months, I’ve been in a funk. Each day, it was to a varying degree, but overall, everything felt like a chore. On some days, even down to just getting myself presentable felt like a chore!

I think the upturn is a combination of things. Abbie’s tongue surgery is now behind us, so I can relax quite a bit more about her and keeping her out of the public. Our lawsuit has settled, and the house is now, and for as long as we want it, officially, undeniably OURS. So now that I feel that I actually can make it our home, I really want to. There are about a thousand things I want to do. If money were no object, they’d all be done within a few months! I look forward to staining the deck and making it an “outdoor room” we can enjoy this summer. I look forward to planting flowers and making the house ours, making it reflect our style.

I’m looking forward to one day painting the interior, replacing the carpet and renovating the kitchen and bathrooms. It finally is ours and it already feels like it. After 3 years, I feel I can finally hang pictures on the walls and enjoy the house. No, it’s not my dream house and it’s certainly not big enough for us now. But I don’t have to climb 27 steps to the front door like I did at our previous home (which is STILL on the market! Please pray for it to sell!).

Spring is coming! The weather is becoming warmer and I’m anxious to get outside and enjoy it.

How about you? Looking forward to Spring? Are there any projects you are planning or doing now?